PCB Prototype

Agile Circuit offers cost-effective PCB prototype and low volume PCB production services for customers. We understand PCB prototype is important to a successful final production run. We combine PCB panel with different small PCB prototypes to save tooling cost that enable customers could get cheap PCB prototype. Many of our customers from contract PCB assemblers, EMS provider, research &design engineering company, electronic hobbyist and university in the field of communications, consumer electronics, industrial control, education, automotive and medical equipment.

PCB prototype applications we offer include:

Internet of thing, Embedded System, Guitar electronics, Audio and Video Equipment, Measurement Systems, Speaker, Digital Wrist Watch, Audio and Video Equipment, Television, Guitar electronics, Calculator, Digital Cameras, Home Alarm Systems, Housing electronics, Cooling and Washing machine, TV Converter Box, Digital and analog Switching, Remote control electronic toys, Disk Drive duplication systems, LOJACK auto recovery system, Electronic Television Audience Measurement Systems Mobile Telephone, Microwave Transceivers, Radio frequency (RF) system, Digital Network Equipment, transceivers, Sound and Vision Broadcasting , Cell Telephone Relay Stations, television and mobile multimedia transmission, Walkie Talkies, Main Control Panel, Monitor, CCTV products, Telemetry, Access Control Products, Oscilloscopes, Network Analyzers, Meters, Strain Gauges, Spectrum Analyzers, Power supply, Industry robot, DC to AC Power Inverters, Switcher Power Supplies, Naval Systems, IFF transponders, IR detectors, Fire Control circuits, Satellite Navigation instrumentation, Satellite systems, control system, Automotive Ignition Controls, Access Media, Aeronautic, Emission monitoring and controls, Climate controls, Dash Instrumentation, Passenger safety systems, Engine control systems, Automotive control equipment ,Heart Monitors, Dialysis machine, patient monitoring, Implantable devices, Robotic surgery systems and so on.

Double sided PCB

Double sided PCB, also double layer PCB is a kind of widely used and important type in printed circuit boards. Double side PCB is the extension of single sided PCB when single side circuit is not enough, it will need to go to the opposite side. There are circuits on both two sides. Double layer PCB board is with PTH vias. Simply speaking, double sided PCB board is with two sided traces, top layer and bottom layer. How to make printed circuit board double sided? The double sided PCB structure is as below:

Competitive price

Agile Circuit specialized in providing double sided PCB manufacture service over 10 years. We could offer very competitive price both for PCB prototype and mass production.


  • DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT or others express delivery if need
  • By Air
  • By sea /boat