Reverse Engineering

PCB reverse engineering

Another PCB service we offer is circuit board PCB reverse engineering (PCB copy, PCB clone). Reverse engineering is a process of analyzing a product to know how it was deigned and how it operates. It is usually used for duplicating / coping a PCB design without drawings, Gerber or part list. Reverse engineering will use sample to generate schematic,Gerber for PCB production, BOM for part sourcing and all related files for PCB assembly. PCB clone usually include also software in programmed IC/MCU/Flash. At the first we receive your sample (some very simple electronic circuit project may be no sample needed), we will identify each part on the board and then create a rough BOM (bill of material). The sample board will also be photographed completely and carefully for check and verified. A photocopy of the board will be blown up and mounted. Each part will removed and glued to its location on the photocopy. The BOM will be refined with values and details of each part. After finishing the BOM list, all parts details competed, the blank PCB board will be scanned to recreate the trace pattern and then get the PCB production file. After the copy finished, we could also provide the circuit board fabrication, purchase the parts and assembly the sample to send you a complete new board.