High frequency PCB

High Frequency PCB

High frequency PCB can meet faster signal flow rates when a special signal requirement into electronic components and products. It offers frequency from 500MHz to 2GHz, making it suited for high speed designs, as well as radio frequency, microwave and mobile applications. This high transmission frequency could provide a faster signal flow rate which is necessary for electronic devices with high frequency like wireless network, satellite communication.

Depends on different parameters, high frequency signals are reflected on PCB design usually means the impedance varies with respect to the sending component. To prevent such capacitive effects and make sure all parameters exactly specified, special materials and high level process control are required

High frequency PCB features:

  • Dielectric constant ( DK ε,Er)value need to be small and stable, high DK may cause signal transmission delay.
  • Dissipation factor (DF, tgδ) value need to be small, as it will affect quality of signal transmission, smaller DF could make sure smaller signal wastage.
  • The thermal expansivity need to be the same with copper foil as possible. If they are different may cause copper foil separated when the changes of cold and heat happen.
  • Heat resisting property, impact endurance, chemistry resisting, peel off resisting need to be good.
  • Water absorptivity need to be low, high water absorptivity will affect DK & DF when in the wet environment.

We support production of various high-frequency PCB from prototypes to production run in order to meet increasing demands of high-frequency PCB ,microwave PCB & RF PCB of our customers, include many of good performance high frequency PCB ,such as Rogers PCB, Ceramic PCB, Teflon PCB, Taconic PCB, Arlon PCB.