PCB Turnkey

PCB Turnkey Assembly

For PCB turnkey assembly service, we turn your design to final finished PCBA product. You don’t need to find a PCB manufacturing factory, source the parts from many different suppliers, and then combine all the parts to a PCB assembly factory. Here we will support you all in one stop that is our PCB turnkey assembly service. We will arrange the your PCB manufacture together with parts sourcing, after all parts ready , PCB assembly will continue, it save time & cost for you. And throughout all the process, we have great quality assured team ensure quality each part of PCBA. Turnkey PCB assembly service is good choice for small companies or anyone that want to save time and costGet cost-effective, efficient means of assembling PCB Turnkey service, you could email us to sales@agipcb.com with your Gerber & BOM for quote.