Quick turn PCB

Quick turn PCB manufacturing service provides an opportunity for the success of new product introduction development. It helps in reducing the critical time-to-market requisitions of the supply chain. Our seamless connection management enable our every process done in shortest time. Both our sales and engineering team could flexibly track and quickly operate urgent issue. We offer a highly reliable global solution to customers who require speed to market.Our quick turn PCB manufacturing is for proto and small batch production from single sided, double sided to multilayer. We offer normal fast delivery as well as 24 hours, 48 hours quick turnaround.


Circuit boards type Quick turnaround Standard Lead time
Single sided prototype 12 hours – 72 hours 3 days – 8 days
Double sided prototype 12 hours – 90 hours 4 days – 9 days
Multilayer PCB prototype 72 hours – 144 hours 5 days – 10 days
Single sided small batch 3 days – 8 days 6 days – 10 days
Double sided small batch 5 days – 9 days 7 days – 14 days
Multilayer PCB small batch 6 days – 10 days 7 days – 16 days