Freescale i.MX6ul Development Board IMX6-EK140


ARM ®Cortex®-A7

  • 528MHz

    4GB eMMC

    Capatiable to 64G


    Customized memory

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Development board are made up of devices below:
  • MY-IMX6-CB140(a core board)
  • MY-IMX6-MB140 (a mother board) instruction: core board is directly welded to the base board ,which is not disassembled.
Development board accessories MY-IMX6-EK140 is standard,no accessories.The complimentary part is below:
  • A set of serial module (with dupont line)
Development board optional accessories
  • acceleration sensor
  • 3D digital gyroscope
  • 3D magnetic sensor
  • display module(display panel and touch panel)