MY IMX6 CB200 I.MX6 cortex A9 NXP Andriod Linux Embedded Board

  • 4x ARM Cortex-A9 up to 1GHz per core at work
  • 200 Mtri/s 1000Mpxl/s, OpenGL ES 2.0&Halti, CL EP
  • 1MB L2cache
  • GPU 2D(Vector Graphics)
  • 32KB instruction and data cache
  • Vivante GC355 300Mpxl/s, Open VG1.1
  • NEON SIMDmedia accelerator
  • GPU 2D(Composition)
  • GPU 3D
  • Vivante GC320 600Mpxl/s, BLIT
  • Vivante GC2000
  • Video Decode:1080p 60h.264
  • Hardware BCH(up to 20 corrections)
  • Video Encode:1080p30H. 264BP 2x720p encode
  • Camera Interface
  • Types: 1x 20-bit parallel, MIPI-CSI-2(2 lanes), three simultaneous inputs
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CPU Processor

  • i.MX6QP/Q/U/S
  • Compatible with the automotive, industrial, consumer level


  • DDR3 1GB, up to 2GB


    • SPI NorFlash/4GB EMMC
    • Up to 64 GB EMMC

Power supply

  • 5V


  • 40mm x 68mm

Working Temperature

  • Consumer(-20°C..85°C), up to 1.2 GHz
  • Automotive(-40°C..105°C), AEC-Q100, up to 1 GHz
  • Industrial (-40°C..85°C), up to 800 MHz