Development of PCB In A Cost-Effective Manner Will Command The Objectives Of Equipment

Agile Circuit was established in 2003, located at Shenzen and Hong Kong. The company is providing services over a diverse range of high-tech industries and it provides a wide range of customized printed circuit boards. The company is specializing in designing custom circuit boards with high quality. To meet the different PCB requirements, Agile Circuit supports manufacturing of diverse PCBs from single layer to 26 layers.

Development of PCB

The company is having all the advanced equipment and experienced personnel to fulfill the manufacturing functions. The processes followed are in-line with the ISO/TS standards and are also compliant with IPC standard of printed circuit board. Our record of providing high-quality PCB products and assembly service has put us in the top league of custom circuit board manufacturers.

PCBs control the flow of electricity for different equipment in the best possible manner 

It will attain faster flow of signals through product configuration. It is used in high-speed designs and radio frequencies. The range is between 500MHz to 2GHz which include components like transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits. The circuit boards are used in different devices like music players, mobile, PCs, and other devices. This company specializes in printing the circuit boards with the process prototyping, building, and production. A PCB design is complex and will be a daunting task for an armature.

Here is the list of PCB manufacturing capabilities –

  • Single layer to 26 layers advanced circuits
  • 3 mil / 3mil line trace and space
  • Smallest hole size of 0.2mm
  • Heavy copper to 7 oz
  • Blind vias and buried vias, HDI, micro vias
  • FR4, Rogers, Polyimide, PFTE, Kapton etc.
  • High Tg, High frequency, Impendence Control
  • Rigid PCB, flex FPC, Metal core PCB, Ceramic etc.
  • Ultra-thin & Thick, Small & Big size
  • Immersion Gold, HASL, OSP different finishing

The companies are offering printed circuit boards to ordinary people at an ordinary rate. There are different circuit board solutions delivered by the company for high customer end solutions. The company’s specialized printing services will help the clients manufacture their components. The house of PCB manufacturers has advanced equipment with highly skilled personnel.

Advanced modern day equipment is worthless without a strong PCB 

Here are features of the high rated PCB manufacturer –

  • The company is developing and manufacturing the PCBs in small & large quantities.
  • The manufacturer has the best on-time shipping record.
  • The clients are given the facility of PCG Fabrication and assembly under one roof.
  • 24 hours support is provided for the products and orders.

For simple electronic devices, PCBs are manufactured with single-layer. For complex hardware, like graphics card and motherboards user may have up to twelve layers. Most of the PCBs are made of fiberglass or glass-reinforced plastic with copper traces.