How to Save Money When Dealing With PCB Manufacturing Service?

Printed circuit boards should not cost you a fortune despite the obvious fact that it is a complex task. It involves a lot of machinery, human resource and processes to get it done.

It should involve a lot of machinery, human resource and processes to get it done. From experience, this process can take a short time and be cost effective. . Here are tips to help you spend less on PCB manufacturing service .

PCB manufacturing service

Reduce The Size Of Your Board – The size of the board is a determinant of the price you will pay for manufacturing. This comes naturally considering that it is determined by the materials used . This is a delicate balancing act because a small board requires minute Parts that are also expensive. You need to find a perfect balance that will reduce the cost of your board.

Do not reduce the quality of materials – The desire to reduce the price of a board may cause you to instruct the manufacturer to use cheap parts and materials. Remember that you will get the board back and you need it to be in good working shape If it fails because of cheap parts, you will have to pay for a fresh board. This will save you the trouble of repeat manufacturing that makes the board more expensive.

Standard board shapes are cheap -Most boards are standard rectangle and square. Stick to these shapes to make manufacturing easier. Deviations from these shapes should only happen if you have an enclosure that demands that. Odd shapes will require manufacturing molds that are different The Existing ones. This will cause the price of manufacturing to skyrocket. Keep the design simple and you will pay less.

A big diameter hole will reduce the price – Annular rings and holes should be a small as possible. When they are small, the machines required for manufacturing have to be precise. This increases the cost of manufacturing. There are manufacturing that will demand extra Charge if the holes go below 0.4mm. Consult your consumer during design to ensure that you are not forced to pay more for an ordinary design because of avoidable design decisions.

Choose the right vias – Vias come in three designs. The through via, blind via and buried via. The choice of via depends on whether your board will be used for high frequency and density situations. There are cost and design interest depending on the Vias you choose. Consult and engage professional designers to ensure that your designs meet the highest standard requirements. Only use vias that will help to reduce the cost of manufacturing without affecting the quality of your board.

An experienced design understands the manufacturing platform and will develop the Best board for your needs. Contact Agile Circuit for the best boards for use on military, medical, aerospace, industrial control, automotive and telecommunication industries, among others.