Get the Best Printed Circuit Board Fabrication Services

Effective working of your electronics system depends on the professionalism of a printed circuit board design and fabrication. This is why we provide free DFM service, fabrications and assembly. We have assembled the most experienced and innovative engineers to ensure that the boards manufacturing meets the highest expected standards. Through passionate leadership, we manage the process and ensure that the quality standards set in the market are achieved.

Our Range of PCB Services

A lot goes into production of a Printed Circuit Board. We have the technical capacity to handle all the steps involved. Our team of designers is experienced and will listen to your concerns and needs when manufacturing the board. Using their rich experience in PCB industry, you will get a PCB that meets your expectations. Project management approach is used to ensure that each board is delivered according to the specifications of the client.

printed circuit board fabrication

We also offer PCB fabrication, parts sourcing and assembly in turnkey service. More we conduct PCB layout and design using the latest techniques and accessories. Our innovative team of designers ensures that the board is customized to your specifications. We are experts in providing rigid PCB manufacturing as well as production of flexible FPCs. All these services are handled by experienced and professional engineers who understand the crucial work of circuit boards. Through their experience, you will get futuristic boards that will meet your expectations.

CAD Tools Used

Our design and manufacture process is the most sophisticated. We used advanced tools that enable the design and manufacture of detailed boards. Some of the tools we use include Protel, Cadence Allegro, PowerPC and Mentor Expedition. We also use Mentor Board Station when the need arises. Our engineers are well versed with these tools to ensure that you get an incredibly befitting board. These tools enable sharing for approval before actual production.

PCB Layout Design Spec

We appreciate that each circuit board is unique and only by delivering this uniqueness can we meet customer’s expectations. This is why our specifications are diverse to allow clients to order customized circuit boards that will meet their expectations. The boards come with a minimum routing width and separation of 4mm. 0.5mm is the minimum BGA pin-pith with the differential speed hitting a high of 10GH. Other specifications include a minimum via hole size of 8mm and 4mm for laser drill.


Our team of engineers is experienced in a range of areas including design and production of both analogue and digital circuits, switch power supply and other circuit models. We make considerations for design in order to manufacture, assemble, test, and evaluate reliability and to gauge the cost, among other reasons. Our team of experienced technicians will deliver to your expectations.

To get a printed circuit board fabrication quote, you need to meet certain requirements including provision of bill of materials, a netlist, schematic;both the board size and shape, desired lead time and desired number of layers. You also need to indicate the percentage of the board that will be routed by hand and that which will be auto routed. In case there are special routing instructions you need to include, they must be provided. Each quote will be customized to meet your unique needs.