Manufacture High Frequency PCB for Better Transmission of Signal

PCB is used in various mobile applications, military equipment and also in electronic components. For satellite communication and wireless network, signals are reflected on the board.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the fiberglass board with conductive pathways printed in it to attain faster flow of signals. To meet the high frequency PCB requirement, electronic components and products needs to be configured properly. It is best suited for high-speed designs and Radio Frequency (RF), offering a range of 500MHz – 2GHz. Different ways PCB is constructed include single-sided, double-sided and multi-layered. PCB contains components like transistors, resistors, and integrated circuits. Components in the board are electrically connected to the circuit using either ‘through hole technology’ or ‘surface mount technology’.

high frequency PCB

PCB is also used in various mobile applications and also electronic components. For satellite communication and wireless network, signals are reflected on the board. There can also be multiple layers of circuits attached to the board internally and also externally as required. To reduce the signal loss or for a low cost of circuit fabrication, PCB designers uses the dielectric material. To implement a higher level of process control make sure that correct value of Er is determined and also other parameters are followed.

Factors Essential for PCB Manufacturing

To get best performance from the electronic device, it is necessary to add correct materials in the designing of printed circuit board. Substrates are designed to be fitted to the board in a constant state of flex during installation. Manufacturers or designers need to follow the following constraints –

1. There should be smaller and more stable value of Dielectric constant (DK ε, Er). If the Er is high then it will result in the
signal delay.

2. Different thermal expansivity from the copper foil results in separation of foil during the change of heat patterns. So, thermal
expansivity needs to be similar to that of the copper foil.

3. Factors like impact endurance, resisting property and chemistry resisting needs be checked and kept in good state.

4. For signal transmission there should be smaller value to Dissipation Factor (DF, tgδ). Higher value results in greater signal
wastage and thus affecting the signal quality.

5. In wet conditions, high water absorptivity affects the DK & DF value. So water absorptivity should be low.

How to manufacture high-frequency PCB?

Consult the experienced manufactures for high performing and reliable PCB services. Get to know about company details online and by now user might have known some insight into the printed board circuit. There are various companies who specialize in the design and manufacturing of PCB.

Some of the PCB manufacturing service types offered by the enterprises –

• PCB Prototyping
• Flexible FPC
• Multiplayer PCB
• High Frequency PCB

Enterprises adopt advanced equipment and machinery for the production of high performing PCB. They also have the specialized team of personnel and Engineers to make high-quality PCBs. Manufacturing companies follow procedures and methodologies to produce effective PCBs at a reasonable cost. Companies design PCBs to be used in various fields like medical, power supplies, IT, telecommunication, automation and much more. For the design of advanced circuit boards contact the company who can work on the specifications in-depth.